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Miraculous Moments

Perhaps you can feel it. It’s in the air. We are in a new season. There is a sense of renewal that comes with spring. The longer days, warmer weather and the pollen tell us that nature is making a comeback. Additionally, there’s a palpable anticipation of renewal as the end of COVID-19 becomes more plausible. We are in a season of hope. We are entering a time of rebirth. In this season of renewal we engage a new sermon series entitled Miraculous Moments.

Springs itself, is a miraculous moment. Though we’ve become accustomed the annual cycle of renewal and can explain scientifically, spring remains a marvel and a glorious experience. It is a tragedy, and almost a sin, to not spend moments listening to the symphony of birdsongs and to gaze upon the new colors of the God’s perennial wonder. To those who take in this season it is a reminder that God still performs miracles. Life is a miracle all on its own. Renewal of life, both physical and spiritual, may yet be the greatest miracle.

If you’re like me, you’ve seen God answer prayers. You’ve seen God perform miracles. I am a witness to many miracles of healings and provisions. I’ve seen God resource people in the most unexpected ways. I’ve seen God bring people back to life from the brink of death. I know someone whom God used to bring a boy back to life after having been pronounced dead and spending a full night in the city morgue. I am a believer that God still works miracles.

If you’re like me, you’ve also seen God not answer prayers. You’ve also witnessed non-miraculous moments. You’ve also cried at God’s inaction. I’ve experienced the disappointment of faithfully praying and trusting that God would heal, just to have to perform a funeral. I’ve had my faith shaken by what seemed to be God’s indifference. I’ve wondered if my life’s work and calling was not merely a farce.

As believers in God we live with the dual realities that God still performs miracles and that God does not always perform miracles. As we contemplate God’s past miracles, we tend to build our confidence in His ability to intervene on our behalves today. We may gain courage for dealing with the undesirable circumstances of life by knowing that God is for us. We may even develop a sense of invincibility when we become certain that God will answer our prayers. Yet, what becomes of us when our pleas are responded to with "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness" (2 Cor 12:9)? Perhaps reviewing God’s interventions on the natural course of life will help us understand when and how and why God works for us, and when we should content ourselves with singing “It is well with my soul”.

As we experience this perennial season of rebirth, we see the work of God all around us. As we contemplate God’s miraculous moments we’ll see that our God is still in the miracle business. When we experience pain, suffering, loss and death, it is my hope that we’ll still appreciate the wondrous grace of God. As we are enthralled with the God of spring let us still be amazed by Him when autumn comes around? I invite you to journey with us through God’s Miraculous Moments as we learn to appreciate God in the miracles and the silences.

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